the BE Series // Rebrand for the UO's BE Series, an inspirational speaker series that brings in activists, artists, leaders, and innovators from all over the country to inspire students outside of the classroom. The goal with the rebrand was to preserve the original colorful and modern design, but to incorporate images of each speakers and put a face to a name and idea. 

Willamette Valley Music Festival 2017 // Every year WVMF gets a new look, and this year, the event organizers wanted to use orange, one of the few off-limit colors at Oregon. We wanted to invite students to enjoy the evening shows with a sunset palette, and to clearly organize and display the wide range of events in printed and digital materials. This rebrand also included a logo update, as the client expressed concerns about the old logo looking too similar to a bike gear, but wanted to continue re-using past decor and merchandise. The solution was subtle and simple, but worked to emphasize the four points of the compass.

CMYK Branding // UO's Art & Tech 2017 spring term pop-up shop, CMYK, needed a brand. The entire company competes to pitch brand identities, names, and logos. The rules: (1) Everything is black and white. (2) Everything is square. My pitch for the name (CMYK) won over the class; the all or nothing attitude, the collective together, and the possibility to create infinite narrative combinations with four little letters encompassed the heart of the class. These were my pitches for logo designs, and ultimately the first was chosen to head the campaign. 

Queer Film Festival // UO's annual QFF needed a sustainable brand for the years to come. I incorporated Oregon colors into a colorful and poppy design that was used for schedules, advertisements, web design, and event decor. 

Design and Type // etc.

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