C O O K B O O K / Design & Typography

W O R K A W A Y / Social Media and Branding

Workaway.info is a site that connects travelers to hosts across the globe. In working about 5 hours a week, travelers can sustainably travel and explore new places. Workaway promotes cultural exchange, volunteering, family exchanges, farmstays and language learning. While their site is simple and feels friendly and warm, their branding lacked the sophistication and polish that is associated with safety and reliability. By cleaning up their social media and promoting their blog, Workaway will better serve those looking to try the work-travel lifestyle for the first time.


C M Y K / Brand Development

Created by the University of Oregon’s 2017 Communication Arts class, CMYK was a one-night pop-up shop. CMYK embodies the idea of the collective together – the notion that endless narrative possibilities can stem from the same stuff and inhabit the same space. CMYK took place June 6, 2017 and drew over 200 visitors, selling out of custom made shirts and prints within the two hours.

H Y P E R P L U M / Catalogue Layout

“An artist’s collective passing itself off as a band… The BFA class of 2018, Hyperplum, demonstrated the value and energizing potential of having the program operating from our central hub on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, after having been in Portland for nine years. This energetic band of artists turned exhibiting into an engine that drove forward their individual creative practices, demonstrated the power of collaboration and created an extensive network of people constituting an artistic community. With six group shows and numerous side projects they left us all as breathless fans waiting to download the release of each new song.”

Colin H Ives, Director of Art & Technology


W V M F 2 0 1 7 / Music Festival Design & Branding

U N I V E R S I T Y O F O R E G O N / Branded Content