Employee of the Month

A photo diary set in my workplace bathroom, which has great lighting. The photos were taken from Spring 2017 through Winter 2018. For Hyperplum's Winter term show in the LaVerne Krause Gallery, titled Supermarket.

Employee of the Month follows one of the most tumultuous and exciting years of my young life in no particular order. It both catalogues the monotony of the 9 to 5 lifestyle, and celebrates the joy of escaping to a large, sunny bathroom at the end of a hallway. 

Here, boy!

For Hyperplum's Spring term show in the LaVerne Krause Gallery. Swerve, curated by Lucy Miller, meant to help the artists diverge from their natural path. This piece, Here, boy! sought to create narrative and dialogue about identity in a situation which lacked a narrative subject. 

Here, boy! recalls the childish gimmick of the invisible dog toy, where one could feign ownership of a non-existent canine friend. This piece draws on themes of spectacle, ownership, the forced performance of people of color in public spaces. It objectifies and defines the non-existent dog through its drab surroundings in the kennel, and yet still manages to preserve its dignity through its unique and exotic name and collar. It implies a dark and forced subordination, yet maintains a playful and comical air.